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At Grandjean & Braverman we specialize in creating fully customized software solutions for our clients. We believe that being great programmers (which we are) is not enough to create truly useful software. Rather, it is more important to understand how that software will be used. That is why our process emphasizes understanding your requirements first and foremost.

Over the years, we have enjoyed long relationships with several clients. As anyone in business will tell you, these types of relationships are only earned through a commitment to customer service. Let us help you with your next project and see how far we can go together.


Existing Solutions

We know not everyone can afford a truly unique software package. That is why we have put together this page. Featured here are several projects that are currently being used by satisfied clients. All of the programs described on this page can be fully customized to your individual needs. However, since we have already dedicated our time in developing these solutions, we are able to offer them at lower prices than we can for a completely custom project that must be built from the ground up.


County Tax Software

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Tax Collector

  • Rapid entry of tax receipts
  • Generate reports for taxing bodies
  • Reprint tax bills and send late notices
  • Receive installment payments
  • Integrates with Assessor
  • Integrates with Tax Claim

Tax Collector is a program that allows rapid entry of local tax payments. It allows tax collectors in Pennsylvania municipalities to quickly enter tax receipts by auto-completing most required information. Tax collectors who are currently using spreadsheet software or pencil and paper to track tax receipts will often realize a tenfold increase in productivity using this software. The program is currently used by tax collectors in Wayne, Adams, and Lackawanna Counties.



(Product Presentation)
  • Sketch support with Apex
  • Save scans & photos by parcel
  • Optional integration with GIS
  • Daily laptop synchronization
  • Act 319 (Clean & Green) support
  • Homestead Exemption tracking
  • Track easements and restrictions
  • Generate reports for taxing bodies
  • Integrates with Tax Collector
  • Integrates with Tax Claim

Assessor is our fully featured Pennsylvania county tax assessment software currently used in Wayne County. It integrates with Apex sketching software (separate licensing fees required) allowing assessors to quickly input building sketches that are then priced automatically by the program. The program also supports merge replication with MS SQL Server, making it easy for assessors to update information on laptops while they are in the field and then synchronize that data with the central database when they return. Among Assessor's advanced capabilities are full Act 319 (Clean & Green) support, Homestead Exemption tracking at the individual owner level, and optional integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Tax Claim

  • Manage payment distribution to taxing bodies
  • Print posters for delinquent properties
  • Generate Sale Notices for publication
  • Produce required PA state reports
  • Integrates with Tax Collector
  • Integrates with Assessor

Tax Claim is our fully featured solution for Tax Claim offices in Pennsylvania counties. The program is currently used in Wayne and Adams Counties. Tax Claim handles delinquent parcels throughout the entire process from notification to sale. The program also manages distribution of the delinquent tax collected to the various taxing bodies. There is an entire section of the program dedicated to the auction process: generating the required sale notice for publication in local papers; producing a bidders list for the auctioneer; receiving payments from successful bidders; issuing receipts for properties sold; and distributing appropriate portions of the payment to the taxing bodies.


Accounting Software

General Ledger

  • Access to balances from Excel
  • Batch Templates
  • Advanced User Report System
  • Thrift Financial Reporting
  • Transaction History
  • Budget Reports

General Ledger is the heart of our Accounting Suite. It can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with our other accounting software to truly boost your efficiency. One of its nicest features is its seamless integration with Microsoft Excel. Through the use of our custom Excel functions you can get real-time access to your General Ledger account balances and use all the power of Excel to display your data in whatever way you need. Other features include a batch template system to ease the task of creating recurring batches, a user reporting system that allows complete control over account grouping, and--for banks and similar financial institutions--a powerful Thrift Financial Reporting system which greatly eases the burden of preparing the TFR for submission to the Office of Thrift Supervision(OTS).


Fixed Assets

  • Report writer
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Save reports to PDF
  • Integrates with General Ledger

Fixed Assets is the asset management software for our Accounting Suite. In addition to maintaining detailed information for each of your assets, the program also handles depreciation of your assets automatically. When integrated with General Ledger, Fixed Assets allows you to specify the accounts against which a given asset should be depreciated. The program also provides a wealth of reporting features. The included Report Writer allows you to create reports that fit your needs precisely and the ability to save to PDF or Excel format ensures maximum flexibility.


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